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Influence by country
How is influence distributed amongst MEPs from the different countries across the EU?

We take a look at the relative influence of each Member State, assessing their share of seats in the European Parliament against their total share of influence. This allows us to grasp the distribution of influence, supposing that all countries have the same number of MEPs.


For example, some countries do better than one would expect based on their size and “punch above their weight” with a higher share of parliamentary influence compared to their share of seats.

Use the heat map below to explore how countries rank in parliamentary and public influence, relative to their actual size. Click around to discover more data-driven insights and read our analysis for best performing countries.

Rankings and analysis
MEP leaderboard
Which MEPs have the most clout to shape EU legislation and the ability to sway public opinion? 
Influence by European political group 
Which political groups are punching above their weight and wielding more influence? 

Wie messen wir Einfluss? 

Unsere Methodik kombiniert datengestützte Erkenntnisse mit empirischen Analysen, um aufzuzeigen, wer in Europas Parlamenten Einfluss hat.

Mit Experten für Corporate Public Affairs in mehr als 130 Märkten weltweit begleitet BCW seine Kunden, geopolitische Veränderungen zu antizipieren und neue Chancen in einem wachsenden globalen Markt zu nutzen.

Unsere globale Expertise

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