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Which MEPs have the most clout to shape EU legislation and the ability to sway public opinion?

We assess MEPs based on their ability to impact Parliamentary work as well as reaching audiences outside of the Parliament to build a community of support for their ideas. This allows us to see their level of influence. While we have these rankings, do note that the BCW Influence Index is not an assessment of an MEPs work ethic or loyalty to their constituents, the rankings represent empirical measures and are not an endorsement of the MEPs or their positions. The BCW Influence Index does not make a judgement or normative assumption regarding the concept of “influence”. When using this term, we refer to a politician’s capacity to make a political impact, whether that be through shaping legislative outcomes or steering public conversations. 


Use the table below to explore which MEPs have the most parliamentary and public influence. You can filter by country, political group, and parliamentary committee. You can also deep dive and read our analysis for those in the top 10 for parliamentary and public influence.   

Rankings and analysis
Influence by country
How is influence distributed amongst MEPs from the different countries across the EU? 
Influence by European political group 
Which political groups are punching above their weight and wielding more influence? 
How we measure influence

Our unique methodology combines data-driven insight with empirical analysis to shed light on who holds influence in Europe’s parliaments.  

Get in touch with us if you’d like to find out how we can harness our methodology to assess specific focus areas, such as healthcare, technology and sustainability. 

Interested in specific insights?

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